Getting cash for your wedding
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With myBridalBank, you can easily and securely receive your cash wedding gifts right into your bank account.

Open Your account today, it’s free and easy. is the best way to accept cash gifts for your wedding. is fun, easy, and secure. Just Open Your Account, share your page, and when you're ready, withdraw your cash gifts directly into your current checking or savings.

Create a beautiful wedding page, personalized just for you

When you open an account with myBridalBank, you’ll receive a free beautiful wedding page personalized with your photo and the details of your wedding ceremony. This page is where your friends and family will go to give you cash gifts.

Open your account and start designing

Create a beautiful wedding announcement page, personalized just for you

Share your page by Email, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+

Once you design your wedding page, you’ll receive a personalized URL that you can share with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, and Email. We'll even generate free wedding invite inserts with instructions for giving to your BridalBank.

Share your page by Email, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+

Collect your cash gifts, anytime you want

Once you have some cash gifts in your account, you can withdraw your gifts at any time. It's free to withdraw and you can do it as many times as you like.

Withdraw funds from your myBridalBank account to your personal checking account.
Collect your cash gifts, anytime you want is perfect for the Bride & Groom that have everything

Go on your dream honeymoon, save it for a down payment on a house, or even pay off some of your wedding expenses. When you're ready, we deposit your cash gifts directly into your checking or savings so you can use it on whatever you want!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I collect my money?

Its easy! Simply click the “Withdraw” button and follow the prompts. You can have your funds deposited right into your checking account or receive a check my mail.

How long does it take to receive my gifts?

Direct deposit withdrawals take only 1-2 business days. If you prefer, you can request a paper check by mail. These are mailed the next day via USPS and take 5-7 business days to arrive.

Does cost anything? is completely free to the users. When giving a gift, your friends and family will pay a small processing fee of $3 or 5% for gifts over $60. That’s cheaper and more secure than a traditional card!

What are accepted gift payment options?

We will gladly accept any major credit card, debit card or direct bank payments.

Is there a fee to withdraw my money?

Absolutely not! All of the funds in your BridalBank account are 100% yours. You can withdraw as many times and as often as you like and never incur an expense in doing so.

Will my guests have to create an account prior to giving a gift?

No! We wanted to make the giving process as fast and seamless as possible so your guest will not be required to create an account to give your gift.

Is my personal information safe?

Yes! We will never sell or share your personal information (see our privacy policy). All of your personal information is stored on our secure server and we don’t save credit card information once a gift transaction has been completed.

How do I know when I receive a gift?

An email detailing the gift amount will be automatically sent to both the giver and you (you may chose not to be notified of a gift). In addition, your account information will be immediately updated to your personal profile visible only to you. You will be able to see who has given you a gift and if they chose, a special message to you! is better than gift cards, cash, and checks is safer, more secure, and more conveient than cash and checks. You never will have to worry about losing your gifts, because we’ll deposit your gifts directly into your checking account when you’re ready.

  • Never loses value over time
  • 100% Secure
  • Simple and easy for family to give
  • Customized wedding page you can share with your friends
  • Deposited directly into your checking account
  • Use the money on whatever you want
  • Easily create Thank You cards

Gift Cards

  • Can get lost or stolen
  • Loses value over time
  • Can only use them at certain places
  • Can be left with odd balances
  • Unsecure

Cash or Checks

  • Can get lost or stolen
  • Require trip to the bank
  • Costly fees
  • Must be mailed or left vulnerably at your wedding or reception
  • Unsecure

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